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The perfect integration of our various business, providing a variety of methods to realize the special demand, and a detailed record.

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To regulate the company's internal management, guarantee the product quality, to the management efficiency, enhance the level of service quality and at the same time, the company in early 2012, embarked on the preparations for the ISO quality management system certification. Except for the employees quality management consciousness propaganda and guidance, nearly more than a year of work mainly around the revision and perfect quality management system in all kinds of documents and the different divisions of the company staff training and communication, etc.
Perfect ISO9001:2000 quality management system documents is a complex tedious process, the company starting from the market and the actual situation, to fully implement the "customer focus" and "continuous improvement" the guiding ideology, supplement and improve the quality management system all the files and make the company from the management system of service more normative, operational, and can be quantified. 
To get effective implementation, in order to ensure the system documents company ISO training work very seriously, to send more workers to participate in the course of the internal assessors, organized internal training and learning at the same time, make each department employees to ISO quality management system with a deeper understanding.
On June, 2013 quality certification bodies audit experts to conducted a comprehensive, strict review our quality certification. Team conducted a process-based experts believe: quality management system since its establishment, our company import management system standards and establish quality management system purpose; Top management system planning, overall request specific goals; Can stick to the idea of "customer focus", pay close attention to customer needs; Insist on the management innovation, technological innovation, to establish a high starting point of a documented system; Attaches great importance to the project quality management, set up the supplier control system; In the establishment of quality management system and process, the full implementation of the organization's quality policy and objectives be maintained, has basically formed, the mechanism of continuous improvement management system meet the requirements of auditing standards, and to promote the development of the enterprise.
Quality system audit work smoothly through, means that the company to strengthen the internal standardization management, enhance service awareness, improve product quality with more scientific and standardized management system guarantee; Enhanced the competitiveness of the company in the market at the same time, will in order to further improve customer service, sets up the brand image, provide a more powerful safeguard; For the company to develop fast and well laid a solid foundation. 


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